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Wired Communications

Accelerate PCIe, SAS and SATA testing with a single test solution including automation and debug capabilities. Speed up your 400G product development with PAM4 testing to efficiently validate your technology advances. Get to compliance faster with your Type-C devices.


400G PAM4 Testing

  • Optical Manufacturing Tests for 400G
  • Accelerate 400G product development
  • Validate faster and increase yield

Coherent Optical

  • No more trial and error
  • Automate to reduce calibration times and measure accurately

Test and Debug

  • Automate calibration
  • Close the loop on loopback debug
  • Superior signal integrity and debug

Consumer Standards Over Type-C

  • Get to compliance faster for next gen USB, DisplayPort, HDMI
  • Build confidence on the margin of devices
  • Avoid expensive overdesigning

More applications in Wired Communications:

Trends in Wired Communications

Connected devices and the type of data we consume are changing the ways we access, store and move data. Read more about the broad trends shaping the datacenter and wired communications market.

"That’s hot data you need to get quickly. I think we’re also going to see more smaller datacenters that are closer to the point of service."

Sarah Boen, Tektronix

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