WVR7200 Rasterizer

Multi-format, multi-standard

The monitoring and measurement capabilities of the WVR7200 provide a comprehensive suite of options and configurations to suit a variety of applications. Within a studio or on-location within a truck, match and balance up to 4 cameras to insure the look of the production from camera to camera, and scene to scene. For 3D Stereoscopic Monitoring, a variety of different 3D monitoring modes are available to assist you in determining the difference between the Left Eye and Right Eye views.

Tektronix unique Gamut displays simplify the process of Color Correction for editors and colorists. The extensive error logging saves time in evaluating quality assurance issues with your program content. The WVR7200 provides a complete monitoring tool set for optimum sound quality. Loudness monitoring ensures consistent audio loudness levels between programs and commercials. Up to 16 channels of embedded audio levels can be Monitored, as well as Dolby Audio.



Industry-leading Gamut Displays

Tektronix patented gamut displays including Diamond, Arrowhead, LQV & Spearhead Displays (Opt. PROD) for more precise color grading

Simplifies maintaining color compliance across a variety of formats and color space.

Simultaneous closed caption or teletext subtitle displays

Quick verification of multiple closed caption (CEA608 & CEA708) or teletext subtitle (WST/OP47) feeds in multiple languages or standards

within multiple picture displays

Multi-Input Mode

Allows multiple inputs  (up to 4 SDI with Opt. 2SDI) to be viewed simultaneously in full screen mode. Allows operates to easily adjust multiple camera inputs for camera balance applications.

Video & Audio Session Screens and Status Displays

Simplifies monitoring tasks with exclusive displays that provide critical content information at a glance

Simultaneous Input Monitoring

(Opt. SIM)

SIM mode allows two channels to be simultaneously viewed for  HD and SD monitoring or transparency checking during format conversion

Extensive audio toolset

(Opt. AD or DPE)

Monitor a variety of audio formats from analog ,AES, Embedded  or Dolby for audio levels, phase and loudness (ITU-R BS.1770-2).

ANC Data Inspector (Opt. DAT)

Automatically detects and displays the presence, absence and status for all ANC data types

Tektronix patented SMPTE RP168 compliant Timing Display

Simplifies facility timing to a black burst or tri-level sync reference.

Comprehensive physical layer monitoring and measurements (Opt. PHY3)

Makes it easier and faster to track down SDI signal path problems with automated physical layer measurements

Stereoscopic 3D Monitoring (Opt. S3D)

Monitor and visualize the depth of 3D video with left and right eye images.

A/V Delay Measurement (Opt. AVD)

Helps prevent Lip-Sync problems with fast, accurate and repeatable out-of-service A/V delay measurements



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