A superior Brand is defined in terms of the quality of the content delivered whether it be streamed or broadcast.

Sentry is a software-based quality monitoring solution deployed worldwide by Cable, Broadcast, and OTT Streaming service providers in a range of operational, engineering, and business environments. Years of experience has honed the technology to deliver accurate, repeatable, and reliable measurements to instill confidence that the viewer is experiencing only the highest level of quality.

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Detect & Alert on Critical Customer Impacting Issues


Sentry measures and reports on the issues that affect your customers the most. Using Tektronix algorithms, a single QoE score truly reflects the customer experience. You can be confident in the quality you are delivering, reduce churn, and increase operational efficiencies.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance with comprehensive audio loudness and caption monitoring
  • React before the customer reacts to avoid costly viewer dissatisfaction
  • QoE scoring correlates directly to the quality of the viewing experience
  • Actionable alerts with reason codes for fast troubleshooting

Easily Scale as your Network Evolves


Whether you want to monitor one channel or over a thousand, Sentry affords you with the ability to expand your monitoring as your capacity and geographic footprint grows and functionality requirements evolve. Sentry's software-based solution protects your investment and future-proofs your monitoring system as standards and technologies change.

  • Future-proof your monitoring network for new technologies and services
  • Easily configure measurements & alerts for every service at every point in the workflow
  • Scale from monitoring a few services to over a thousand

Correlate Information Across Multiple Points & Networks


Whether the distribution and delivery network is linear, OTT, or cloud-based, Sentry provides a single tool for monitoring network performance and correlating issues. Aggregate key data and analytics to get a complete view of your network with a common and consistent set of measurements to simplify diagnosis, and reduce the time to remedy complex issues.

  • QoE and QoS measurements and connectivity solutions for linear broadcast, OTT, and RF
  • Monitor using an appliance, virtual instance or in the cloud
  • Unified monitoring solution for mixed linear & OTT networks
  • Easy integration into 3rd party NMS through a RESTful API

All in One Monitoring & Analysis Solution


Sentry's alarms warn network operations teams of potential problems before they impact customers, and provide engineering personnel with a range of in-depth measurements and analysis for fault diagnosis on reported issues. A database with 90 days of detailed operational data produces tailored reports and information for trending and business analysis.

  • 90-day historical reporting to support compliance and service level agreements
  • Comprehensive QoS, QoE and Picture Quality (PQ) measurements
  • Configurable program alert dashboards for use in operations


Model Name Video Description Price
VNM-SEN2 Sentry Linear Scalable real-time video QoS, QoE, and PVQ monitoring solution. Configure & Quote
VNM-SABR2 Sentry ABR Scalable ABR video streaming QoS, QoE, and PVQ monitoring solution. Configure & Quote
VNM-VFY2 Verify Linear Scalable real-time video QoS monitoring solution. Configure & Quote
VNM-MED2 Medius Any Management of multiple Sentry and Verify systems with end-to-end views. Configure & Quote

OTT Streaming: See What the Customer Sees


Sentry's OTT streaming solutions provide real-time visibility and quality of experience measurements to ensure the content you are delivering is good. The software solution provides monitoring and diagnostics for live streaming at key locations, including AWS Media, virtual private networks, and CDNs.

  • Monitor your network from ingest, through encode, after the packager, and CDN
  • Deploy Sentry where needed with cloud, virtual private network, and datacenter options
  • Ensure seamless profile switching with IDR/EBP validation
  • Support for various DRM and encryption systems

Broadcast & Content Providers


Sentry provides visibility of operational performance across the whole hierarchy of broadcast stations. Sentry addresses the need for standard work and tools to maximize investment and minimize inefficiencies associated with using multiple processes and methodologies at different levels in the broadcast group organization.

  • Contribution link monitoring: ensure all content, sent or received, is problem-free
  • Gain visibility into the entire network at the local, regional or national level
  • 90-day historical reporting to support compliance and service level agreements
  • Full ingest and playout monitoring: verify compliance and transmission

Cable, Telco & Next Generation Service Providers


Deployed by service providers worldwide, Sentry's quality of experience and perceptual quality measurements are based on years of experience in real environments. Sentry is designed for large-scale network deployments with repeatable and accurate measurements giving operators confidence in the quality they deliver to subscribers.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance with comprehensive audio loudness and caption monitoring
  • React before the customer reacts to avoid costly viewer dissatisfaction
  • QoE scoring correlates directly to the quality of the viewing experience
  • Actionable alerts with reason codes for fast troubleshooting


Why is the throughput on a 1GB interface set to 940 Mbps?
 It is 940 Mbps to accommodate the UDP and TCP overhead for the wrapper around the MPEG payload on a 1 GB interface.
FAQ ID: 469671 17 Apr 2018
What fields / parameters contribute to making calculations for the QoE score?
Audio Buffer Overrun Buffer timing violation causing buffer overrun and is greater than or equal to 100ms. Audio Buffer Underrun Buffer timing violation causing buffer underrun is equal to 0 seconds, meaning that the buffer is empty. Audio Packet Loss…
FAQ ID: 469661 16 Apr 2018
A Guide to 4K/UHD Monitoring & Measurement
6 Key Challenges of 4K/UHD Content Creation6 Key challenges of 4K/UHD content creation.
Literature number: 25W_60401_0
Handbook 14 Mar 2018
Video Quality Monitors
Medius Application Manager • VNM-MED2 Datasheet Medius offers an advanced reporting package that is particularly helpful in capturing detailed QoE information that quickly highlights the top offending programs and/or locations. The reporting capabilities allow each user to generate customized reports t…
Literature number: 2CW-61218-0
Datasheet 29 Jan 2018
Video Quality Monitors
Consul System Monitor • VNM-CON2 Datasheet Consul™ is typically located at a Network Operation Center (NOC) and provides an ideal solution for correlating and managing data from Medius units located throughout the network.
Literature number: 2CW-61219-0
Datasheet 29 Jan 2018
Video Quality Monitors
Sentry ABR • VNM-SABR2 Datasheet Monitor your entire network with rich graphs and an easy-to-use web-based interface.
Literature number: 2CW-61220-1
Datasheet 29 Jan 2018
Video Quality Monitors
Sentry Verify™ Premium Datasheet: VNM-VFY2 Sentry Verify™ monitors and validates MPEG Transport Stream quality at hub sites as an integral part of the source-to-edge monitoring solution.
Literature number: 2CW-60879-2
Datasheet 29 Jan 2018
I see program status graphs on the Sentry GUI but not on the Medius GUI.
It is possible that the system time on both units are off by a number of hours (without a time zone difference). Once you set both units to the correct time in their respective time zones, graphs will now populate on the Medius GUI and match the Sentry…
FAQ ID: 247876 18 Jan 2018
Video Quality Monitors
Sentry® Datasheet: VNM-SEN2 Sentry® is a comprehensive video and audio quality monitoring solution for advanced video networks. It enables video providers to deliver services with optimum quality while reducing operational expenditures.
Literature number: 2CW-61154-2
Datasheet 21 Dec 2017
Sentry Series Video Quality Monitor v10.3
Supports software version 10.3. This document provides operating information for the Sentry Series Video Quality Monitors.
Part number: 077320204
Primary User 03 Nov 2017

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