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Keithley Series 2281S Battery Simulator

The 2281S-20-6 Dynamic Battery Simulator uses a model to emulate the response of a battery over its discharge cycle. Since the model can be based on the average current of the product that the battery will power, you can estimate battery life and analyze product performance over the life of the battery. See all DC power supplies »




Base Price
US $3,440
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Max Voltage

20 V

Max Current

6 A

Number of Models Stored


Max Output Resistance

100 Ω

Keithley Series 2281S Battery Simulator

Estimate the battery life of your product


Power your product with the 2281S-20-6 using a model to determine how long the product operates.


  • 101-point model contains open circuit voltage and internal resistance as a function of state of charge
  • Create a model based on the average current that the product draws

Quick, repeatable testing under any state of battery discharge


Program the battery simulator for any state of charge, such as near the completely discharged state, to determine how a product performs under a low battery condition and to determine the low battery shut-off voltage.


  • Program battery open circuit voltage (Voc) and all other model parameters adjust to the open circuit voltage setting
  • Alternatively program the state of charge (SOC) and all model parameters adapt to the SOC setting


Unique GUI continuously displays the state of the battery


See key parameters of battery models, including open circuit voltage, internal resistance, remaining capacity, and state of charge.


  • View open circuit voltage, measured terminal voltage, and load current on the right battery icon
  • View state of charge, amp-hour remaining capacity, and internal resistance on the left battery icon


Evaluate the performance of multiple batteries


Assess the type of battery that will work best with your product by loading multiple models into the 2281S-20-6 and powering the product with each model.


  • Load up to 14 models into the 2281S-20-6
  • Battery voltage can be as high as 20 V
  • Internal resistance can be as high as 100 Ω

Create a model of a battery based on the current drain of your product


Use a Keithley 2450 or 2460 Source Measure Unit (SMU) instrument as an electronic load to discharge the battery and create a model for the 2281S-20-6. The 2450 or 2460 can discharge a battery at very low currents—lower than 1 nA.


  • Alternatively, create a battery model from the battery manufacturer's data
  • Model both series and parallel configurations of batteries


Use the battery simulator as a precision power supply


The 2281S Battery Simulator has a power supply operating mode with 0.02% source setting accuracy, remote sensing, and 0.05% current measurement accuracy.


  • 1 mV voltage setting resolution
  • 10 nA resolution on the lowest current measurement range


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