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Sync and Reference Generators


Tektronix Sync and Timing Reference Generators provide facility reference signals and ensure a stable facility timing source.

Tektronix signal generators provide test signals for equipment verification and calibration applications, and support a wide variety of analog and digital formats to facilitate your technology transition.

For Sync and Timing Redundancy in a facility, the ECO8000 series provides a highly reliable automatic changeover unit.

  ECO8000 Series SPG8000A SPG700 TG8000 Platform
Product Image ECO8000_PR0-175x120_Trans SPG8000A_PR-175x120_Trans SPG700_PR-175x120_Trans TG8000_PR-175x120_Trans
Applications Automatic Changeover for master sync and timing application Hybrid sync generator and PTP grandmaster clock for sync and timing application of SDI-based and / or IP-based media infrastructure Best value mid-range sync generator for traditional analog and / or SDI-based media infrastructure Modular platform to create configurations for broadcast and video equipment testing applications
Sync Formats All models:
Blackburst, HD Tri-Level Sync, SD, HD, 3G-SDI
Test Signal Formats Composite NTSC/PAL, SD, HD, 3G-SDI Composite NTSC/PAL, SD, HD, 3G-SDI (including 4K/UHD)
Embedded Dolby E
SD, HD, 3G-SDI Composite NTSC/PAL, Analog Component, SD, HD, 3G-SDI (including 4K/UHD)
Features Electronic Fast Switch for Analog Sync / AES Switching (Opt. REF)
High bandwidth (up to 3Gbps) SDI relay switching (Opt. HREF)
Linear Timecode switching (Opt. LTC)
GPS/GLONASS master clock synchronization (Opt GPS)
Precision Time Protocol IEEE 1588 support (Opt PTP)
3G/HD/SD-SDI signal outputs including 4K/UHD (Opt SDI)
3G/HD/SD-SDI signal outputs (Opt SDI) GPS/GLONASS synchronization(GPS7)
3G/HD/SD-SDI test signal module including 4K/UHD support (SDI7) *
Analog video test generator module (AVG7)
* 4K/UHD support requires 2 x SDI7 modules
Dual Power Supply System Option DPW Option DPW Option DPW Not Available