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What rackmount does my scope use?

Question :

What rackmount does my scope use?

Answer :

Oscilloscope Family Rackmount
 3 Series MDO  RM3
 4 Series MSO  RM4
 5 Series MSO  RM5
 5 Series MSO Low Profile  Rack mount standard, optional bench configuration available 020-3180-00
 6 Series MSO  RM5
TDS1000/TDS2000 RM2000
TDS1000B/TDS2000B/TDS2000C RM2000B
TPS2000/TPS2000B No Rackmount - Strap hanger 343-1689-00
TDS3000/TDS3000B/TDS3000C RM3000
DPO2000 RMD2000
MSO2000 RMD2000
DPO3000 RMD3000
MSO3000 RMD3000
DPO4000 RM4000
MSO4000 RM4000
DPO4000B RMD5000
MSO4000B RMD5000
MDO4000 RMD5000
DPO5000 RMD5000
MSO5000 RMD5000
TDS5000B 016-1946-00
TDS6000B/TDS6000C 016-1790-05
CSA7000B 016-1790-05
TDS7000B 016-1790-05
DPO7000 016-1985-01*1
DPO7000C 016-1985-02*1
DPO70000/DSA70000 016-1985-01*1
DPO70000B/DSA70000B 016-1985-01*1
DPO70000C/DSA70000C 016-1985-02*1
MSO70000 016-1985-01*1
MSO70000C 016-1985-02*1
DPO70000SX 016-2095-00
DSA8200 016-1791-02
DSA8300 016-1791-02

*1 Hard drive can be remote front mounted using kit 016-1979-01 in conjunction with the rack mount kit.

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