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What is the maximum bit rate a decoded SPI bus can trigger on?

Question :

What is the maximum bit rate a decoded SPI bus can trigger on?

Answer :

Different oscilloscopes have different triggering circuitry therefor the limits of what speeds can be achieved vary by scope. Please use the following table to easily look up your scope and determine your max SPI bus trigger level.  For more questions please contact your local Technical Support Center and an Application Engineer can quickly answer your questions. 

Scope + OptionMax Trigger Rate
MSO/DPO2000 + DPO2EMBD10 Mb/s
MSO/DPO3000 + DPO3EMBD10 Mb/s
MSO/DPO4000 + DPO4EMBD10 Mb/s
MSO/DPO4000B + DPO4EMBD50 Mb/s
MSO/DPO5000 + SR-EMBD10 Mb/s
MSO/DPO5000B + SR-EMBD10 Mb/s
DPO7000C + SR-EMBD10 Mb/s
MDO3000 + MDO3EMBD10 Mb/s
MDO4000 + MDO4EMBD10 Mb/s
MDO4000B + MDO4EMBD50 Mb/s
MDO4000C + MDO4EMBD50 Mb/s
For additional information on SPI bus trigger and analysis, please refer to the Datasheet, User Manual or Product Performance and Verification Manual.

Note: Windows scopes can decode SPI signals up to the bandwidth of the scope, only the trigger is set in the table above. 

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