Differences Between the TCP0030A, TCP312A, TCP305A and P6021A and the TCP0030, TCP312, TCP305 and P6021


What are the differences between the A and non A versions of the TCP0030, TCP312, TCP305 and P6021 current probes?


The TCP0030A, TCP312A, TCP305A, and P6021A probes are updates to their existing models.  Updates include:

  • Larger jaw diameter (5 mm vs. 3.8 mm) to accommodate larger wire sizes
  •  3rd Party Certification for bare wire voltages up to 150 V CAT II - (Non-A models did not list a "bare wire" specification.)
  • Increased reliability

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: Current Probe

Product: TCP0030, TCP0030A, TCP305, TCP305A, TCP312, TCP312A, P6021, P6021A

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