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Check List To Configure a DAS-1600 Series Board for use with TestPoint

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Check List To Configure a DAS-1600 Series Board for use with TestPoint

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Software: TestPoint

ISA Plug-In Boards: DAS-1601,DAS-1602,DAS-1401,DAS-1402,DAS-1201,DAS-1202 

Question : What Steps are Required to use a DAS-1600 Series with TestPoint?

Answer: Any driver from Keithley for the DAS-1600 Series, both ASO and DriverLINX, is limited to use in Windows98 or less. Keithley does not have a WinNT, Win2K or WinXP driver for these series of boards.

TestPoint will interface to the DAS-1600 Series through the ASO driver only. The DriverLINX driver for DAS-1600 Series will offer no benefit when the goal is to use TestPoint.

The installation of TestPoint will provide all necessary driver and configuration utilities required to be able to use the DAS-1600 Series board. No separate driver download or installation is required.

Follow these steps:

- Install TestPoint (3.0 or higher) onto a Win98 or less machine that has an ISA slot

- Use Windows' Device Manager to determine what resources are available for the DAS-1600 Series board. The board will require 16 I/O addresss (such as 0300 - 030F), one Interrupt (IRQ7 or less), and one DMA channel (1 or 3). An Application Note is available in the Document Center if you require more detail on 'Using Device Manager to Determine Available Resources'.

- In the TestPoint installation folder (c:\testpt), find cfg1600.exe. Run this program to create a configuration file for your model number, I/O address starting value, IRQ, DMA, Channel Configuration, etc. The output of this utility will be a file called das1600.cfg.

- In the TestPoint installation folder, find the file keithley.cfg. Delete this file.

- Rename the das1600.cfg to keithley.cfg. This will allow the auto configuration feature of TestPoint to automatically find your DAS-1600 Series hardware.

- If planning on sampling at a rate of 100 Hz or higher, install the Keithley Memory Manager for Direct Memory Access (DMA) transfers. Install this by finding and double clicking the vdmad.reg file in the TestPoint installation folder. A reboot is necessary for this installation to take effect. When this DMA Memory Manager is not installed, TestPoint will give an error "207: VDS Region not Contiguous".

TestPoint is now configured to be able to make use of a DAS-1600 Series board. Should you experience any error messages when attempting to run a TestPoint program that uses an A/D object, more detail can be obtained in the following ways:

- look up the error code in Appendix A of the ASO Function Call Driver manual

- close TestPoint. Reboot. Find and run ADDEBUG.exe in the TestPoint installation folder. Invoke TestPoint and open and run your program. The Auto Scan process to find A/D hardware will be logged to the ADDEBUG utility.

- use the Utility programs from the Download Center of the Keithley web site to verify your switch settings and model number.



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