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Can a TLA720 be upgraded to a TLA7016?

Question :

Can a TLA720 be upgraded to a TLA7016?

Answer :

Yes. The customer should order TLA7KUP Opt 19. and acquire the necessary TLA software. If they are supplying their own PC, the TLA Application Software can be obtained from or by ordering TLA7KUP Opt 42. If they are using TLA7PC1, the latest software comes installed on the TLA7PC1.

For service and warranty concerns, the instrument will be considered a TLA720. The TLA720 Long Term Product Support period expired at the end of December 2004.

Support for the TLA720 will be best effort but we should be able to service this product given the common material between the TLA720 and the TLA721/TLA7XM.

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