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How to configure the Model 6220/6221 and 2182A for Delta Mode?
The Keithley Models 6220 and 6221 Current Sources are designed to work with the Model 2182A Nanovoltmeter to measure very low resistances. A good method of doing this is called the Delta Method as described in the Keithley Low Level Measurements Handbook …

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Why do I measure a different value between channel 1 and channel 2 on my 2182A?
When measuring the same voltage source, if you notice a difference in reported voltage between channel 1 and channel 2 of your nanovoltmeter, you might be seeing the effects of pumpout current. This effect is significant when measuring voltages <1V and the …

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SourceMeter or Source Measure Unit (SMU)?
A Source Measure Unit, shortened to SMU, is a particular class of instrument. Think of this phrase on the same level as oscilloscope or digital multimeter. They might also be known as source monitor units, source-measurement units, or other phrases that …

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Can two Model 2651A be connected in parallel or series?
A Keithley Model 2651A SourceMeter® Instrument can be connected in both series and parallel with another (and only one other) instrument of the same model number for higher voltages and currents as long as certain important conditions are observed. See …

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Will any of the existing licenses work in the new ACS Basic v3.0, ACS Standard v6.0 or the Wafer Level Reliability editions
Licensing FAQs: I see that the legacy ACS licenses (ACS-Basic, ACS. and ACS-2600-RTM) are going away.Will any of the existing licenses work in the new ACS Basic v3.0, ACS Standard v6.0 or the Wafer Level Reliability editions. No. …

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What is the drain-source on-resistance of a MOSFET?
MOSFET switching devices operate in the on and off states. In the “on” state, the impedance of the switch is theoretically zero and no power is dissipated in the switch no matter how much current is flowing through it. In the “off” state, the impedance of …

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Which license for Kickstart 2.X.X should I purchase with my 6517B?
Kickstart – KICKSTARTFL-SUITE or KICKSTARTFL-SUITE-AN License Gives access to the I-V Characterizer, DMM, Data Logger, Scope, and Power Supply applications in Kickstart. - Allows you to use the DMM application with the 6517B, which supports: Voltage …

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Why Won't My Meter Connect to KickStart?
1) Is the instrument supported? While several Tektronix and Keithley instruments are supported there are some instruments that are unsupported. i. Check KickStart webpage under supported instruments: ii. If you still cannot find your instrument, then …

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KickStart High Resistivity APP FAQs
1. What enhancements to the High Resistivity App were made for KickStart version 2.4? Why should I upgrade my high resistivity app to the latest version? Fully supported software for updated versions of Windows KickStart 1.9.8 only allowed for …

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KickStart Licensing FAQs
1. I see that KICKSTARTFL-BASE is going away. Will the existing KICKSTARTFL-BASE license still work in KickStart version 2.4.0? a. Yes. b. However, by October 2021, existing KICKSTARTFL-BASE users will need to purchase KICKSTARTFL-SUITE-UP to use their …

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