Tektronix Power Electronics Measurement Solution

Tektronix Power Electronics Measurement Solution

Tektronix Power Electronics
Measurement Solution

Accelerating Your Power Designs

What are the testing challenges of Power Engineers?

We visited more than 100 power engineers and took a survey to find out what are their top challenges they faced in Power. Power efficiency was the main concern.

The traditional approach of computing losses has its shortfalls. Power losses may vary depending on the power supply design, its topology, and the types of switching and magnetic devices used. Power Engineers needs tools and solutions to accurately measure and analyze the power losses – making it repeatable and consistent, even automating them.

Check out the survey results and discover these 30 top challenges.

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Top Concerns of Power Engineers

  • How to accurately measure small ripples?
  • How to evaluate power losses of a hand-winded transformer?
  • How to characterize the 3rd Generation SiC, GaN devices switching performance in the actual circuit?
  • How to evaluate the overall power efficiency of a power supply?
  • How to adjust and rectify circuit to meet EMI compliance?
  • How to verify the control loop response of a power supply?
  • How to accurately measure the high-side switch turn-on performance?
  • How to minimize the dead time between the high-side and low-side of the bridge circuit?
  • How to lower the turn-on voltage, minimize switching losses and increase efficiency?
  • How to evaluate loss due to single winding versus multiple winding inductance?
  • ........


Tektronix Power Solutions Enabling You to Overcome Testing Challenges

Power Supply Measurement and Analysis with 5-PWR Application Software

Optimizing and validating a power supply design requires a number of important measurements. These include:

  • Line-side power quality measurements, such as power factor and harmonics
  • Switching device measurements, such as switching loss and safe operating area
  • Output measurements, such as ripple

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