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Software for developing, testing, and troubleshooting

Software upgrades enable faster production, reduce errors, improve precision, and give engineers the time and headspace they need to innovate.

Tektronix has software packages for:

  • Oscilloscopes
  • Keithley Products
  • RF Applications
SignalVU 2
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Analysis Software for Oscilloscopes

Analysis Software for Oscilloscopes

Analyze your most challenging system designs by adding one of our 30+ packages to your oscilloscope

Oscilloscope Software

New and Featured

Get the analysis capability of an award-winning oscilloscope on your PC. Analyze waveforms anywhere, anytime.

Start measuring in minutes without complex programming. Perform I-V characterization and more.

Comprehensive suite of tools to capture, isolate, and analyze hard-to-find transient RF signals of interest with confidence.

Oscilloscope Software

Keithley Software

RF Application Software

Signal Analysis and Generation Software