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While we’re happy to “talk tech” with you all day long, we know you’re in a hurry. So we’ve made it easy for you to download manuals, datasheets and software for all our current products, and many discontinued products as well. Just tell us which product you’re using, and we’ll show you everything we have.

The product model you have chosen is currently available for purchase. The following support information is available.

    How do I set up a I2C Bus Decode?
    The procedure to set up a I2C bus decode and trigger is simple once you understand the basics. First you have to have the correct module or scope option. Second make sure your signal is on screen and taking up as much of the DAC as possible with good …
    What is TekVISA and how can I use it to communicate with and control my instrument?
    VISA is an acronym that stands for Virtual Instrument Software Architecture. In a nutshell, VISA handles the communications between your computer’s OS and the instrument.  You may be familiar with TekVISA, which is Tektronix’s own brand of VISA …
    Can my oscilloscope operate on 400Hz power?
    Most scopes have a wide range of operating voltages and frequencies, a full list can be found in the user manual of your specific oscilloscope. If you're having trouble finding your answer or can't find the manual, please call our Technical Support …
    How do I use TekVISA to send commands to my instrument?
    TekVISA Download Link:TEKVISA CONNECTIVITY SOFTWARE In order to communicate with and control the scope, you can use OpenChoice Talker-Listener. Back on the Application and Utilities panel, click on OpenChoice Talker Listener and click Start …
    How do I download and install the 30-day trial version of NI LabVIEW SignalExpress Tektronix Edition?
    Note: NI LabVIEW SignalExpress Tektronix Edition is no longer offered by Tektronix. This FAQ is "historical only".National Instruments SignalExpress Tektronix Edition is a measurement automation tool that allows SignalExpress to control a Tektronix …
    How do I use the programmer manual for my instrument?
    TekVISA Download Link: TEKVISA CONNECTIVITY SOFTWARE Hello and welcome to Tektronix, today I’m presenting the last part in the 3-part series on using TekVISA. I’ll be giving a basic overview of programmer manuals and how to use them to find the …