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While we’re happy to “talk tech” with you all day long, we know you’re in a hurry. So we’ve made it easy for you to download manuals, datasheets and software for all our current products, and many discontinued products as well. Just tell us which product you’re using, and we’ll show you everything we have.

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  • Datasheet Literature Number Release Date
    Waveform Creation and Instrument Control Environment for PC
    SourceXpress is a PC based software environment that enables Tektronix waveform creation plug-ins, simulates the native environment of a Tektronix AWG70000 or AWG5200 series Arbitrary Waveform Generator, and provides control of a connected generator. Sourc...
    SAS Application Software 55W-61239-0
    50GBASE-FR/LR, 100GBASE-DR, 200GBASE-DR4/LR4/FR4 & 400GBASE-LR8/FR8/DR4 Optical Datasheet
    The Tektronix time instrument based characterization automation system...
    High Speed Serial Applications Datasheet for AWG70000A Series and SourceXpress®
    The Tektronix High Speed Serial application plug-in enhances the capabilities of either the AWG70000A Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators or the SourceXpress® application software, adding the ability to easily create High Speed Serial waveforms with a var...
    TekExpress DisplayPort Sink Compliance Software
    TekExpress software ordered with Option DP-SINK provides an automated, simple, and efficient way to test DisplayPort sink devices per the requirements of the DisplayPort Physical Layer Compliance Test Specification (CTS) 1.1....
    TekExpress HEAC Automated Compliance Software
    HDMI 1.4a specification and HDMI Ethernet Audio Back Channel enables networking of HDMI devices, speeds up signaling between transmitter and receiver devices, and also provides a faster path for the audio return channel. Option HEAC Compliance Test Softwar...
    DiiVA Compliance Test Software
    The DiiVA 1.1a draft specification, announced in January 2010, supports DiiVA, which enables seamless networking of CE devices, speeds up signaling between source and sink devices, and also provides a faster path for the uncompressed video/audio transmissi...
  • Manual Manual Type Part Number Release Date
    DDR Analysis

    DDR Analysis is a standard specific solution tool for Tektronix Performance Digital Oscilloscopes(DPO7000, DSA/DPO/MSO70000/B series). DDR Analysis requires Jitter and Eye Diagram Analysis Tool (Opt.DJA) and the advanced Search and Mark capability (Opt. ASM).

    Primary User 077023110
    TekExpress CEI VSR

    TekExpress CEI-VSR provides an automated, simple, and efficient way to test CEI-VSR
    Host to Module and Module to Host Interfaces to the requirements of the CEI-VSR specifications.

    Primary User 077087201
    TekExpress HDM

    This manual describes the functions and features of the TekExpress HDM software.

    User 077092603

    This manual describes the installation and operation of TexExpress HDMXpress software. Basic operations and concepts are presented in this manual.

    User 077110500
    TekExpress M-PHY Receiver Automated Test Solution

    For TekExpress M-PHY RX SW release 3.1.0x and above. Printable online help for the TekExpress M-PHY Receiver Automated Test Solution application.

    Online Help 077064303
    C-PHY Tx

    The Tektronix C-PHY Tx Essentials Automated Test software runs on Tektronix real-time oscilloscopes that are based on Windows 7 computer operating systems. C-PHY Tx Essentials delivers the TekExpress 3.0 based C-PHY automation solution with Tx measurement. It verifies the Eye diagram and performs width, and height measurement for C-PHY signals.

    User 077110800
    TekExpress MHL

    MHL software version 2.0.x and above. TekExpress MHL provides an efficient way to test MHL transmitter and receiver interfaces and devices to MHL standards and test specifications CTS1.1/1.2/2.0. This document is a PDF of the MHL online help content.

    Primary User 077062006
    TekExpress USB3 Tx

    For TekExpress USB3-Tx SW version 1.0.X and later. This document is a printable version of the TekExpress USB 3 Tx Automated Test Solution Software help.

    Primary User 077093901

    TekExpress is the Tektronix Compliance Test Automation Framework, developed to support current and future test automation needs of customers.

    Online Help 077092602

    The TDSET3 Ethernet Compliance Test Software tests the Ethernet's physical
    layer for 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T, and 10BASE-Te in
    compliance with IEEE 802.3-2002, IEEE 802.3az, and ANSI X3.263-1995

    Online Help 077001607

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