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MSO / DPO70000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The MSO/DPO70000 is one of the most advanced oscilloscopes in its class—enabling today's engineer to see signals better with minimal noise, debug signal anomalies faster and utilize measurement and analysis tools for automated compliance testing and other verifications. In addition, the MSO/DPO70000 is perfect for analog/digital design and debug, data communications and high-speed serial communications. See how you can use the MSO/DPO70000 for your next project to find and analyze a wide range of mixed-signal anomalies.
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8 GHz -
33 GHz

Record Length

Up to 1G points


4 analog
16 digital (MSO)

Sample Rate

Up to 100 Gs/s

See your real signal

Industry-leading signal fidelity, minimum noise and highest effective number of bits (ENOB) provides confidence you are seeing your real signal and measuring it precisely. High signal-to-noise ratio and low internal noise floor enable you to perform precise characterization of your designs.


  • Bandwidth enhancement eliminates imperfections in frequency response to the probe tip
  • Low jitter noise floor and high vertical accuracy provide additional margin in your measurements
  • Wide range of probes simplify complex measurement setups and maintain signal integrity
  • Compare optical and electrical signal timing on one screen with calibrated optical probe

Reduce debug time

From first power-on through operational checks, MSO/DPO70000 Series provides features you need to find problems fast. An industry-leading waveform capture rate and Pinpoint® triggering make you efficient at tracking down and capturing intermittent faults.


  • FastAcq keeps up with your changing signals to show true system behavior including elusive faults
  • Quickly find invalid state or bus sequences with parallel/serial bus decoding/triggering
  • iCapture™ easily verifies analog characteristics of digital signals without changing connections
  • Visual Trigger saves hours of capturing and manually searching through acquisitions to find critical events and complete your debug efforts

Measurement and analysis tools that keep you on track

Application support packages provide automated compliance testing, insightful debugging tools and the extensive signal connection options you need to verify and certify your latest design. 


  • DPOJET: the most comprehensive, flexible measurement tool available
  • SDLA: the most powerful, complete tool for analyzing and compensating for signal affects in serial data links
  • Broadest range of standards support, including I2C, SPI, RS-232, FlexRay, MIPI, DisplayPort, HDMI, PAM4, PCIe Gen3/Gen4, SATA/SAS, USB3.1, Type-C, 10/100BaseT to 10G/100G Ethernet
  • Powerful debugging tools to quickly uncover/fix design challenges
  • Optical measurements, such as Extinction Ratio (ER), Average Optical Power (AOP), Optical Modulation Amplitude (OMA), Optical High/Optical Low value - compatible with DPO7OE1/DPO7OE2 optical probe
Analog/Digital Design and Debug

Analog/Digital Design and Debug

When you're debugging your next design, you need to quickly find and analyze a wide range of mixed-signal problems, from signal integrity issues like crosstalk or jitter, to bus faults such as setup and hold violations or dropped packets. That's when you need an oscilloscope with powerful tools and reliable performance. You'll keep on schedule when you have an MSO/DPO70000 on your bench.


  • Easily view analog characteristics of any input and verify system timing with iCapture™ on 4 analog and 16 logic channels
  • Analyze system operation on the timescale you need with deep memory on all channels
  • Find and fix problems fast with a full suite of triggering, decoding and measurement tools

Data Communications

Today's data communication networks are constantly evolving and are built upon many different standards. MSO/DPO70000 offers comprehensive, integrated tool sets for validating the physical layer of Ethernet devices and debugging ethernet-based systems from 10BASE-T up to 40/100GB. MSO/DPO70000 also offer advanced compliance and debug tools for other Data Comm standards.


  • Standard-specific automated compliance testing and debugging tools
  • Extensive jitter analysis and debug tool set
  • Characterize PAM4 and NRZ signals
MSO/DPO70000Data Communications
High Speed Serial Communications

High Speed Serial Communications

Next generation digital interface standards push the limits of today’s compliance and debug tools. MSO/DPO70000 Series' automated measurement suites speed PHY validation cycles and ensure consistency. Powerful tools like Protocol Decoding and Visual Trigger shorten debugging when compliance measurements fail. Identify jitter and noise from crosstalk or other multi-lane noise coupling. 


  • Accelerate analysis, validation, and pre-compliance testing of your PCIe, SATA or SAS design
  • Quickly find the root cause of issues when testing SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Type-C designs
  • Decrease DisplayPort compliance testing and HDMI physical layer validation times
  • SDLA with DPOJET provide comprehensive simulation and measurement of Computer, Communications, and Memory buses


MSO/DPO70000 Series with SignalVu Vector Analysis software gives you the analysis capabilities required to overcome the most challenging RF, wireless and microwave design problems with total confidence. You can analyze signals up to 70GHz wide with the same tools used on Tektronix' Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers.


  • Easily verify wideband radar, high data-rate satellite links, WLAN 802.11, WiGig 802.11 or frequency-hopping radio designs
  • Make measurements in frequency, time, phase, modulation domains simultaneously
  • Application optimized software options supporting wideband radar, high data-rate satellite links, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/j/p/n/ac (WiFi), IEEE802.11ad/ay (WiGig), Zigbee and Bluetooth
MSO/DPO70000 Series with SignalVu Vector Analysis software

Advanced Research

Get insight into the fleeting and subatomic events that represent the world of fundamental particles. Discover how we’re measuring the world’s first true quantum computer. Find out how today’s advanced researchers are changing the way we live our lives in profound ways.


  • Quantum Research
  • Rotational Spectroscopy
  • Photonic Doppler Velocimetry (PDV)
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