China RoHS Supplemental, 071217907 Manual

Product Information Sheet for People‚s Republic of China

This sheet contains supplemental product information for the People‚s Republic of China.

This manual applies to:

2260-001, 2260-002, 2260-003, 2260-004, 2260-005, 2260-006, 2260-007, 2260-008, 2260-009, 2260-010, 5808, 5809, 80A02, 80A03, 80C07B, 80C08D, 80C10C, 80C11B, 80C12B, 80C14, 80C15, 80E03-NV, 80E04, 80E11, 80E11X1, 80SICON, 80SICON, 80SICONUP, 80SSPAR, 80SSPARUP, 8620, A621, A622, ADA400A, AG7, AGL7, ATG7, AVG7, AWG4DIG16LVDS, AWG4DIGSCKT, AWG4HDDE, AWG4SYNC, AWVG7, BALLAST-CT, BB1000-EU, BB1000-NA, BB1000-UK, BB1000-UN, BG7, BSAUSB3, BSXUSB31, CL1200, CL200, CT1, CT2, CT6, CYH2S, CYSW, DF-A0047, DF-A0047-01, DF-A0047-C1, DP-AUX, DPO2AUTO, DPO2BND, DPO2COMP, DPO2CONN, DPO2EMBD, DPO3AERO, DPO3AUDIO, DPO3AUTO, DPO3COMP, DPO3EMBD, DPO3FLEX, DPO3PWR, DPO3VID, DPO4AERO, DPO4AUTO, DPO4AUTOMAX, DPO4BND, DPO4COMP, DPO4EMBD, DPO4ENET, DPO4LMT, DPO4VID, DPO5034B, DPO5054B, DPO5104B, DPO5204B, DPO70404C, DPO7054C, DPO70604C, DPO70804C, DPO7104C, DPO71254C, DPO71604C, DPO72004C, DPO72304DX, DPO72504DX, DPO7254C, DPO73304DX, DPO7354C, DPO7RFC1, DPO7RFC2, DPO7RFC3, DPO7RFK1, DPO7RFK2, DPO7RFK3, DPO7USYNC1M, DPO7USYNC2M, DPO-UP, DVG7, EDUKIT, GPS7, HD3G7, HDLG7, HDVG7, KPCI-488LPA, KUSB-488B, MDO3AERO, MDO3AFG, MDO3AUDIO, MDO3AUTO, MDO3BND, MDO3COMP, MDO3EMBD, MDO3FLEX, MDO3LMT, MDO3MSO, MDO3PWR, MDO3SA, MDO3USB, MSO5034B, MSO5054B, MSO5104B, MSO5204B, MSO70404C, MSO70604C, MSO70804C, MSO71254C, MSO71604C, MSO72004C, MSO72304DX, MSO72504DX, MSO73304DX, MTS4000, MTS4CC, MTS4EAV7, MTS4SAV3, MTXS01, NEX-DDR2MP60BSC, NEX-DDR2MP60BSCSK, NEX-DDR2MP84BSC, NEX-DDR2MP84BSCSK, NEX-DDR3MP78BSC, NEX-DDR3MP78BSCSK, NEX-DDR3MP96BSC, NEX-DDR3MP96BSCSK, NEX-HD2HEADER, P2220, P3010, P332, P5202A, P5205A, P5210A, P5910, P5934, P5960, P6015A, P6021A, P6022, P6041, P6101B, P6150, P6158, P6205, P6243, P6245, P6246, P6247, P6248, P6251, P6330, P6616, P6701B, P6703B, P6717A, P6750, P6780, P67SA01SD, P67SA04S, P67SA08, P67SA08S, P67SA16, P67SA16S, P6910, P6960, P6960DBL, P6960HCD-LV, P6960HS, P6962, P6962DBL, P7225, P7240, P7330, P7350, P7504, P7506, P7508, P7513A, P7516, P7520A, P7708, P7713, P7716, P7720, P8018, P80318, PQASW, PQASWUP, PSM3110, PSM3120, PSM3310, PSM3320, PSM3510, PSM4110, PSM4120, PSM4320, PSM4410, PSM5110, PSM5120, PSM5320, PSM5410, RSA306, RSA503A, RSA507A, RSA603A, RSA607A, TCA-1MEG, TCA292D, TCA-292MM, TCA75, TCA-BNC, TCA-N, TCA-SMA, TCA-VPI50, TCP0020, TCP0030A, TCP0150, TCP2020, TCP202A, TCP303, TCP305A, TCP312A, TCP404XL, TDS3012C-NV, TDS3AAM, TDS3GV, TDS3LIM, TDS3TMT, TDS3VID, TDSUSBF, TEK-DPG, TEKEXP, TEK-USB-488, TF-DP-CIC-C1, TF-DP-TPA-2XC, TF-DP-TPA-P, TF-DP-TPA-PR2XCT, TF-DP-TPA-PRC, TF-DP-TPA-PT, TF-DP-TPA-R, TF-EDP-TPA-P, TF-EDP-TPA-PRC, TF-EDP-TPA-R, TF-GBE-BTP, TF-GBE-JTC, TF-GBE-SIC, TF-HDMIC-TPA-S, TF-HDMIC-TPA-STX, TF-HDMIE-TPA-KIT, TF-HDMI-TPA-CE, TF-HDMI-TPA-S, TF-HDMI-TPA-STX, TF-MINI-DP-TPA-PR2XT, TF-MINI-DP-TPA-PRT, TF-MINI-DP-TPA-PT, TF-MINI-DP-TPA-R, TF-MSATA-TPA-2XC, TF-MSATA-TPA-P, TF-MSATA-TPA-PR, TF-MSATA-TPA-PR2XC, TF-MSATA-TPA-R, TF-SASHD-TPA-2XC, TF-SASHD-TPAL-P, TF-SASHD-TPA-PR2XC, TF-SASHD-TPA-R, TF-SASHD-TPAR-P, TF-SASHD-TPAR-PR, TF-SAS-TPA-P, TF-SAS-TPA-PRC, TF-SAS-TPA-R, TF-SATA22-TPA-2XC, TF-SATA22-TPA-P, TF-SATA22-TPA-PR, TF-SATA22-TPA-PR2XC, TF-SATA22-TPA-R, TF-SATA-TPA-P, TF-SATA-TPA-PRC, TF-SATA-TPA-R, TF-TB-TPA-2XC, TF-TB-TPA-P, TF-TB-TPA-PR2XC, TF-TB-TPA-R, TF-TPA-SATA25-P, TF-TPA-SATA25-PR2C, TF-TPA-SATA25-R, TF-TPA-SATA3-PR2C, TF-XGBT, THP0301-B, THP0301-G, THP0301-M, THP0301-Y, THSCHG, TIVM1, TIVM1L, TL705, TL725, TLA7BB2, TLA7BB3, TLA7BB4, TLA7SA08, TLA7SA16, TP750, TPA-BNC, TPA-N-PRE, TPA-N-VPI, TPS2PBND2, TPS2PWR1, TPSCHG, TRCP0300, TRCP0600, TRCP3000, VQS1000
  • Manual Type: 用户
  • Part Number: 071217907
  • Release Date:

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