Accurately simulate threat radar in operational environments while measuring ECM techniques. Utilize powerful DSP technology to characterize spectrum and identify signals of interest. Integrate, scale and deploy low Swap, high fidelity RF sensors to characterize spectrum. Ensure complex modulation techniques used in Satcom systems are low in bit error rate and provide secure, reliable communications.

Electronic Warfare

  • Accurately recreate Electromagnetic and Physical Environments
  • Evaluated ECM techniques – system testing with Hardware-in-the-loop

Broadband SATCOM

  • System Level and Module Level Test
  • Quickly and accurately measure SATCOM Channel Performance Vector Magnitude
  • Create complex modulations schemes

RF Sensor Applications

  • Monitor the RF spectrum in real- time with high fidelity, signal capture
  • Monitor the RF spectrum with high fidelity signal capture
  • Integrate, deploy and scale while reducing project risk

Radar Test Applications

  • Detect advanced radar signals
  • Create Signals that look real to radar

Trends in Mil/Gov

Threats are becoming increasingly complex and hard to detect in an overcrowded RF environment. Read how greater insights into the RF environment enable engineers to maneuver within the spectrum to ensure they can successfully perform their missions.

"Spectrum is a domain, just like land, sea and air. It’s the next battlespace we have to operate in."

Debbie Nielsen, Tektronix

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