TekSmartLab Manual

TBX3000A and TSL3000B User Manual

TekSmartLab is the industry's first network-based instrument management solution for teaching labs that brings a more efficient lab experience. With the TekSmartLab, instructors can setup configurations of large fleets of instruments conveniently with only one click, while configuring lab instruments had to be done manually before. Students can retrieve and save the test results wirelessly via their smart devices, instead of using the USB thumb drives. And with the TekSmartLab, instrument asset information is recorded automatically with high accuracy, whereas lab managers in traditional teaching labs record that data manually one instrument at a time.

This manual applies to:

TBX3000A, TSL3000B-FL (software, floating license)
  • Manual Type: Primary User
  • Part Number: 077111000
  • Release Date:

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