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High Voltage Single Ended Probes

A high voltage single-ended probe is typically used for measuring ground referenced signals up to 40 kV. However, some single-ended probes are designed for oscilloscopes with isolated or floating inputs for measurements that are not ground referenced. Users should select probes with a low input capacitance specification (< 4 pF) to minimize the probe’s loading effect on the circuit because a probe with lower input capacitance will offer higher input impedance at higher frequencies.

Tektronix High Voltage Probe solutions offer:

  • Best-in-class bandwidth up to 800 MHz
  • Best-in-class probe loading with input capacitance as low as 1.8 pF
  • The only products with 3rd Party Safety Certification (UL, CSA, ETL)
  • Most extensive set of probe accessories

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Base Price
US $352 - US $2,740
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High Voltage Single Ended Probes