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Event Description Application Location Opening Date
Tektronix Virtual OFC 2020

Each year, the OFC exhibition and its technical sessions attracted hundred thousands of engineers in the industry and researchers in the academy to attend. Unfortunately, with the impact of COVID-19, many of us were not be able to attend the OFC 2020 in person. With this in mind, Tektronix is offering 6 technical webinar sessions for those who can’t attend OFC this year but want to get a glimpse of what the future of Optical Network & Communication will be.

Webinar 14 April 2020
On-Demand Webinar: Spectrum View - A New Approach to Frequency Domain Analysis on Oscilloscopes

Join our webinar to understand how Spectrum View operates and how it differs from traditional oscilloscope FFT functions.

Webinar 18 May 2020
On-Demand Webinar: Jitter and Timing Analysis - Anatomy of Jitter Components

This webinar will equip attendees with the essential knowledge and skills in mastering jitter and timing analysis.

Webinar 3 June 2020
On-Demand Webinar: Techniques for Validating Electronic RADAR System

Join the webinar as we examine the approaches for RADAR performance validation using the Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer and Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

Webinar 23 June 2020
On-Demand Webinar: Intuitive and Innovative Semiconductor Characterization

Date: 22 July 2020

Join us as we review a range of applications in material, semiconductor and device characterization. Get parametric insights faster and clearer.

Webinar 8 July 2020
On-Demand Webinar: Flexible Bus Analysis for Automotive High Speed Buses

Date: 5 August 2020

Automotive Ethernet will play a growing role in carrying high-speed data communications. Join us as we review the testing and the associated testing tools that is flexible to cover the wide range of bus speed and protocols.

Webinar 21 July 2020
On-Demand Webinar: Validating High Speed Display Technologies

Date: 19 August 2020

Join us to explore various challenges in testing the interfaces and tips and tricks to perform the electrical compliance test.

Webinar 31 July 2020
On-Demand Webinar: Speed Up Your Production Test in Industrial 4.0

Date: 2 September 2020

Join us to experience the benefits of Keithley’s SMU and TSP solution in assisting you within the new world of Industrial 4.0.

Webinar 31 July 2020
On-Demand Webinar: EMI Troubleshooting and Pre-Compliance

Date: 16 September 2020

Join us to learn the basics of EMC/EMI, address design failures early to minimized design costs, measure and troubleshot radiated and conducted emissions.

Webinar 31 July 2020
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