Techniques for Validating Electronic Countermeasures Webinar

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Today’s combat forces employ increasingly complex Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) to detect and deceive incoming hostile threats. The Electronic Warfare (EW) systems responsible for such technique generation must be capable of maintaining high signal integrity. Verification of ECM performance requires a high-performance acquisition system to validate the response with precise correlation to the threat waveform and operating mode.

This webinar will examine approaches for ECM performance validation using the Tektronix RSA:

  • Quickly discover the true RF Signature of Threat stimuli and verify ECM Techniques using real-time spectrum analysis.
  • Verify coordinated techniques in both the time domain and frequency domain simultaneously.
  • Quickly observe/analyze multi-domain characteristics of Threat Signals and Electronic Countermeasures while streaming to disk.
  • Use Advanced Triggers to pinpoint signals of interest in a crowded spectrum.
    • Trigger, capture, and store in real time all unique signals of interest due to mode changes in radar, incoming jamming signals, and unintentional interferers.
  • Stream IQ Data at up to 800MB/sec up to 165 MHz real-time bandwidth for continuous deep memory capture.
  • Increase probability of intercept across wideband captures.

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