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DMM7512 Dual Channel 7½-Digit Sampling Multimeter

The DMM7512 combines two full-function, high accuracy, high sampling speed DMMs into a 1U high, full rack wide form factor chassis. The compact chassis saves rack space in high-instrument density test systems without compromising measurement performance. Each DMM has identical functionality, and they are entirely independent of each other. See all digital multimeters »




10 nV – 1000 V
0.1 µΩ - 1 GΩ
1 pA - 3 A

Best Accuracy (1-Year)

14 ppm
24 ppm
60 ppm

Measurement Speed/Channel

0.0005 NPLC
(Integrating A/D)
1 Msample/s
(Digitizing A/D)

Two DMM7510s built into one compact enclosure

The DMM7512 consists of two, independent, identical, 7½-digit DMM7510 digital multimeters (DMMs) with a few less measurement functions. The two DMM7512 DMMs have the same accuracy, sensitivity, and speed as the DMM7510 so that the DMM7512 can be seamlessly integrated into a test system that previously used DMM7510s.


  • Sample complex waveforms with the 1Msample/s, 18-bit digitizer; store up to 27.5 million readings
  • Test components used in low power circuits with 0.1 µΩ and 1 pA sensitivities
  • Maximize test quality with high test uncertainty ratios using 1-year accuracy DC volts as good as 14 ppm
  • Built-in Test Script Processor (TSP®) enables test sequence execution without controller interaction, reducing test time and communication overhead, while availing the controller for other tasks

Double Test System Density

Save valuable rack space with two DMMs in a 1U high rack space. Compared to two 2U high DMM7510s, you can get twice the measurement capability in half the space.


  • Combine sourcing and measurement with the 2606B High Density, 4-channel Source Measure Unit (SMU) and the DMM7512 for four channels of sourcing and two channels of measurement in as little as 2U of rack space
  • No extra spacing for thermal management is required between either DMM7512s or 2606Bs

Significantly Reduce Test Time

The two DMMs in each DMM7512 have built-in intelligence to execute test programs without PC interaction using its Test Script Processor (TSP®) Technology. In addition, each DMM features a TSP-Link® hardware interface so that one instrument can control other instruments in a master-subordinate configuration.


  • Control up to 32 instruments in a TSP-Link test system
  • Synchronize measurements with a latency under 500 ns
  • Eliminate time-consuming communications between the instruments and a PC
  • DMM7512 TSP code is compatible with DMM7510 TSP code
Model Channels Digit Resolution Interfaces List Price


3½ to 7½ digits


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Determine power consumption

Use the two DMMs of the DMM7512 to independently capture dynamic battery drain current and battery voltage and compute power consumption of low power, wireless IoT, and implantable/portable medical products, a critical parameter for battery-operated devices.

  • Capture current and voltage waveforms with up to 1 Msample/s, 18-bit digitizing
  • Synchronize waveform capture using TSP-Link with less than 500 ns latency between initiation of waveform sampling
  • Measure low sleep mode current with 1pA DCI sensitivity or 0.1nA current digitization sensitivity

Increase throughput with multi-device testing

Use the two DMMs in a DMM7512 to test two devices-under-test (DUTs) to double test throughput and maximize test system capacity. Or, use multiple DMM7512s and test even more DUTs with one test system. Save on the number of test racks and save critical factory floor space with the 1U high dual DMMs.


  • 1U rack height with no spacing between instruments required
  • Two DMMs per instrument
  • Control multiple instruments with a test script and TSP-Link to reduce bus communication time and save test time
Model Channels Digit Resolution Interfaces List Price


3½ to 7½ digits


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Modèle DMM7512 liste d'avertissements
This document contains the warning messages contained in the DMM7512 documentation set, translated into French.

Part Number: 077151200
Manual 25 Feb 2020
Model DMM7512 7½ Digit Sampling Multimeter Instrument Information
This document describes the DMM7512 7½ Digit Sampling Multimeter and how it differs from the Model DMM7510 7½ Digit Multimeter. It is intended for use with the DMM7510 document set to operate the DMM7512.

Part Number: 071357601
Manual 25 Feb 2020
Model DMM7512 Firmware Revision 1.6.7d and Release Notes
Firmware version 1.6.7d for the Model DMM7512 instrument.

Part Number: DMM7512-FRP-V1.6.7
Software 10 Feb 2020
Model DMM7512 Firmware Revision 1.7.0 and Release Notes
Firmware version 1.7.0 for the Model DMM7512 instrument.

Part Number: DMM7512-FRP-V1.7.0
Software 10 Feb 2020
DMM7512 Dual Channel 7½-Digit Sampling Multimeter

Literature Number: 1KW-61485-0
Datasheet 04 Feb 2020
Keithley I/O Layer version C10 (Windows 10, 8, 7 Compatible)
Keithley I/O Layer version C10 (KIOL-850C10 adds support for Windows 10 Operating System and installs NI-VISA Runtime 17.5 and NI-ICP 17.0. This release replaces previous versions of KIOL-850B07, KIOL-850C02, KIOL-850C03, KIOL-850C04, KIOL-850C05, KI

Part Number: KIOL-850C10
Software 04 Feb 2020
Test Script Builder Software Suite Version J03 (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista Compatible)
"Keithley Instruments Test Script Builder (TSB) is a software tool that simplifies building and creating test scripts. It includes built-in color coding, debugging tools, and error handling. You can use TSB to perform the following operations: -

Part Number: KTS-850J03
Software 04 Feb 2020
Keithley IVI-COM/IVI-C Driver for Model DMM7510 Version & Release Notes (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP Compatible).
Keithley IVI-COM/IVI-C Driver for Model DMM7510 Version & Release Notes (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP Compatible). Added support for new model DMM7512.

Part Number: 7510-IVI-
Software 04 Feb 2020
DMM7512 7-1/2 Digit Sampling Multimeter Specifications

Literature Number: SPEC-DMM7512 Rev. B
Specification 04 Feb 2020
Digital Multimeters Comparison Table
Table comparing DC volts, AC volts, ohms, DC amps, AC amps, and other measurement capabilities of Keithley and Tektronix DMMs.

Literature Number: 1KW-61264-2
Product Selector Guide 04 Feb 2020