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Arbitrary/Function Generator Poster
This poster provides basic features and functions of an arbitrary/function generator including tips for capturing your signal, basic signal types, signal parameters, and run modes. Easy to print on …
Vector Network Analyzer Fundamentals
Poster that shows types of measurement errors, Basic VNA operation, Smith chart basics, Common S-parameter names, VNA calibration methods and more.
An Engineer’s Test Bench
A poster of the "An Engineer’s Test Bench"
The Teaching Oscilloscope: Basic Features and Functions
This poster provides basic features and functions of the TBS1000B-EDU Teaching oscilloscope including tips for capturing your signal and advanced triggering. Easy to print on 11x17 paper for an ideal …
Digital Debug Poster
Covers the most common signal anomalies, and offers essential tips and techniques for debugging digital signals. Ideal size (11" x 17") for your lab, office or anywhere you use your oscilloscope.
University of Idaho Turns to Tektronix DPO7000
This case study shows how the Microelectronics Research and Communications Institute (MRCI) at the University of Idaho turned to Tektronix, as the solution to accurately test and verify high frequency …
FPGA Debug Fundamentals
Reviews the FPGA design process.Explains debug methodologies.Discusses how to select the appropriate methodology.Provides advantages of FPGAView.
Introduction to Vector Network Analyzers Basics
This paper discusses why VNAs are used and how they are unique compared to other RF test equipment. We'll define S-Parameters, the fundamental VNA measurement, and how best to use them when evaluating …
High Speed Serial Design Fundamentals
Provides understanding of the common aspects of serial data transmission.Explain the analog and digital measurement requirements that apply to these emerging serial technologies.
Nanotechnology Measurement Handbook
This reference handbook offers theoretical and practical assistance in making low-level DC and pulse measurements on nanomaterials and devices.
A.M. Radio Design: Lab
This lab covers how to modulate an A.M. signal, demodulate an A.M. signal, and build a simple A.M. receiver.
A.M. Radio Design: Worksheet
This worksheet covers how to modulate an A.M. signal, demodulate an A.M. signal, and build a simple A.M. receiver.
Pocket Guide to Signal Sources
This pocket-sized guide explains fundamental signal source concepts, including waveform generation principles and an overview of basic waveforms and waveform characteristics. Easy, 2-fold assembly for …
Oscilloscope Measurement Lab: Measuring Impedance and Capacitance
This lab exercise demonstrates a technique for using an oscilloscope and function generator to measure impedance and capacitance. Voltage waveforms are measured on the oscilloscope and the …
Introduction to Oscilloscopes: Worksheet
This worksheet covers how to compensate oscilloscope probes by using the TDS3034B Oscilloscope to measure the amplitude, frequency and period of signals.
Oscilloscope Measurement Lab: Triggering
This lab exercise will teach the student about oscilloscope triggering in general, and how to use edge triggering and pulse-width triggering on a TDS2000C or TBS1000 Series oscilloscope.
Introduction to Arbitrary/Function Generator: Lab
This lab covers how an AFG3000 Series Arbitrary/Function Generator creates typical waveforms, such as triangle and square waves, adjust the frequency and amplitude of the waveforms, and give the …
Introduction to Oscilloscopes: Lab
This lab covers how to compensate oscilloscope probes by using the TDS3034B Oscilloscope to measure the amplitude, frequency and period of signals.
Introduction to Arbitrary/Function Generator: Worksheet
This worksheet covers how an AFG3000 Series Arbitrary/Function Generator creates typical waveforms, such as triangle and square waves, adjust the frequency and amplitude of the waveforms, and give the …
Troubleshooting Three Phase Permanent Magnet AC Motor Using Tektronix MSO2024 Oscilloscope
This paper describes troubleshooting motor controls in a solar-powered vehicle using an MSO2000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope.  Written by members of the Oregon State University Solar Vehicle Team …
Performance, size, reliability, affordability. Choose four. White Paper.
The TTR500A Series VNA includes an impressive array of technological and patented advances that allow it to bend many of the traditional trade-offs between RF performance, size, reliability, and cost …
Getting Back to the Basics of DC Electrical Measurements
This white paper provides a refresher on the fundamentals of making quality DC electrical measurements.
Introduction To Circuit Analysis
Introduction To Circuit AnalysisLearn the basics of circuit analysis with the document rich in the fundamentals including definitions, descriptions and formulas regarding all types of circuits.
Educator’s Resource Kit
The Educator’s Resource Kit is designed to help you prepare your engineering lab curriculum with the latest standards and techniques for test and measurement. The comprehensive kit includes six …
Debugging Serial Buses in Embedded System Designs
Learn the basics of the hardware protocols of the most common serial buses, such as I2C, SPI , USB, RS-232/422/485/UART, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, and I2S/LJ/RJ/TDM.  Find out how to use …
Efficient Courseware Management using the Tektronix TBS1000B-EDU Education Oscilloscope
The new TBS1000B-EDU Series oscilloscope courseware makes creating basic lab experiments more efficient and provides an easier method for students to review and complete the labs directly on the …
Introduction to Oscilloscopes Lab Experiment
The Introduction to Oscilloscopes Lab provides problem-based learning, hands-on learning using real-world signals and designed to match lab time scaling from 2-4 hours.
Semiconductor Device Test Applications Guide
This guide offer applications information, example programs, and sample test scripts for semiconductor device test.
Watch this video for a short demonstration of the TBS1000 Series oscilloscope and how it can help you look for signals quickly and confidently.
3m 52s
Tektronix complete solution for educational labs includes the innovative TekSmartLab, the industry's first network-based lab instrument management solution which increases lab efficiency …
1m 38s
Watch this video to see more on the advanced features and performance that you can expect from the TBS2000 Series. From longer recording time, flexible triggering, automated measurements, easy …
7m 7s
The TBS1000B-EDU helps instructors prepare tomorrow’s engineers for the future, with exclusive integrated Courseware capability and a web based Courseware Resource Center.In this short video we …
5m 31s
This video introduces how to install TekSmartLab software, TSL3000B, on Win7/win8/win10 systems.
6m 43s
This video provides a detailed demonstration on using the Tektronix Courseware Resource Center to access lab experiments and related educational material.
6m 4s
In the 2nd video on triggering an oscilloscope, we look at pulse width triggering, trigger hold-off and runt pulse triggers. These techniques will come in handy when capturing digital signals and …
5m 15s
This video tutorial will show you how to make important amplitude measurements using built-in automated measurement functions on a digital oscilloscope. It covers the definitions of average, RMS …
10m 39s
Many oscilloscope measurements are used for characterizing pulse signals or digital data. While you can always use cursors or estimate the measurement off the disply, it's often easier and more …
9m 31s
Find out how to take voltage and time measurements off the oscilloscope display and by using cursors.
7m 45s
This video tutorial will introduce you to basic time and amplitude measurements using built-in automated measurement functions available on TBS2000 series oscilloscopes. You will be guided through …
3m 58s
Have you ever struggled to get a stable waveform on your scope? This video will show you how to set your triggers to get a stable display of signals from simple sine waves to modulated signals and …
5m 57s
Anyone can twiddle the knobs on a scope and get something. And there’s always “Autoset” in a pinch. But do you know how to compensate a probe? How about the difference between a 1X and 10X probe? …
6m 37s
12 Things to Consider When Selecting your Next Oscilloscope
Technical Marketing Manager Wilson Lee discusses important criteria to use when choosing your next oscilloscope. In this webinar, you will learn about:• The “5 times rule” to avoid Bandwidth …