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The OM2210 Coherent Receiver Calibration Source includes the capability and software needed for coherent optical receiver calibration. Equipped with two independent free-running lasers and a precision polarization switch, the OM2210 is able to excite the coherent receiver with a known-polarization signal so that the receiver’s linear transfer function can be extracted.



Measure Key Performance Parameters for Coherent Receivers Speeds up analysis of Quadrature Phase Angle, Path Gains, and Channel Skew
Compatible with 3rd Party Coherent Receivers Flexibility to support future & existing optical  laboratory needs
Complete with two ECDL lasers built in Speeds up calibration verification efforts
Accurate Tunable Lasers with C & L Band Support available Supports Advanced Features for DWDM Networks such as SBS Dither and TxTrace Tone
Contains a very precise polarization switch Enables accurate measure of the  optical properties of the receiver under test
Data Sheet Software Package / Software Option Description Configure and Quote
C Calibration Source with C-band laser
L Calibration Source with single L-band laser
CC Calibration Source with two C-band lasers
LL Calibration Source with two L-band lasers
CL Calibration Source with coupled C and L lasers
NL Calibration Source with no lasers (calibrated over C+L-band)