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Coherent Optical Products

As network demands increase, long-haul communications are becoming more complex. Signaling has migrated from simple on-off keying to complex modulation formats such as DP-QPSK and PM-16QAM. Advanced test tools are required to test the latest communication systems for 100G, 400G, 1Tb/s and beyond. Tektronix is the only test and measurement vendor that can offer a complete coherent optical test system from signal generation, to modulation, acquisition, and analysis.


Function Product Series Key Specification
Coherent Signal Generation AWG70001A Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator Waveform generation at 50 GSample/s and 10 bits resolution
  PPG3000, PPG4000 Series Programmable Pattern Generators Data rates up to 40 Gb/s and 8 ps risetimes
Coherent Optical Modulation OM5110 Multi-format Optical Transmitter Dual-polarization modulation up to 46GBaud with automatic bias control
Coherent Optical Acquisition OM4200 Series Optical Modulation Analyzers Dual-polarization coherent detection with 45 GHz analog bandwidth
  OM70000 Optical Modulation System Complete system capable of dual-polarization coherent detection with 70 GHz analog bandwidth. Includes 70 GHz Oscilloscopes and OM1106 Analysis Software.
  OM2210 Coherent Receiver Calibration Source Calibration of C- and L-band Optical Modulation Analyzers
  DPO70000SX Series Oscilloscopes Flexible acquisition with bandwidth up to 70 GHz at 200 GSamples/s
Coherent Optical Analysis OM1106 Optical Modulation Analysis Software Customizable coherent demodulation and analysis