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PRISM Video Platform Meets Today’s Demands, Tomorrow’s Opportunities

By Michael Brett

The way we consume media is changing it seems on a day-to-day basis. When we’re at home, 65-in. screens are the new normal, and with prices plunging faster than a Black Friday sale why not go big? With unlimited data plans commonplace and affordable, there’s no reason not to stream video when you’re on the go, whenever and wherever you want. 

Along with these new modes of consumption come ever increasing demands for quality. Viewers want stunning image quality across all platforms, putting pressure on those who create and deliver the content to keep pace with innovations – from all IP workflows to stunning 4K content – taking place across the industry. 

Luckily, Tektronix has developed PRISM – a full touch, 9-in. screen next-generation IP/SDI waveform monitor that is built for today's demands and tomorrow's opportunities. PRISM is the no-compromise solution that simplifies professional-grade live production, content editing, and confidence monitoring in broadcast anywhere within your workflow.

Learn more about PRISM and the future of confident waveform monitoring in the video below or on the web at: 


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