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Speed through validation, debugging and compliance testing of your Automotive Ethernet PHY design. Reduce ECU validation and debug time with automated protocol analysis of important standards like CAN and CAN FD.


CAN Bus Troubleshooting

  • Debugging ECUs with Automated Decode & Trigger
  • Debug the decoded protocol
  • Troubleshoot signal faults
  • Visualize multiple channels/sensors/actuators

Automotive Ethernet Testing

  • Achieving Reliability and Interoperability
  • Validate your designs
  • Speed through debugging and troubleshooting
  • Get to compliance with confidence

SENT Sensor Bus Troubleshooting

  • Understand SENT bus nibble
  • Decode fast and slow channel SENT messages
  • Set up an oscilloscope for SENT decoding and triggering

Trends in the Networked Car

Today’s car is rapidly mutating from a mechanical device to mini-datacenters on wheels, driven by rapid advances in electronics.

"Today we see wireless technology in infotainment and cellular, and then there’s V2V, or V2I which are mission-critical: Imagine you’re approaching an intersection, and your vehicle has the ability to talk to the intersection, or even to another vehicle."

Sudipto Bose, General Manager of Automotive Solutions at Tektronix

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