Tektronix Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Waveform generator

A waveform generator is a classification of a signal generator used to generate electrical waveforms over a wide range of signals. Common types of waveforms outputs include sine wave, square wave, ramp or triangular wave, pulse wave, cardiac pattern wave, gaussian pulse waves, arbitrary waves. These waveforms can be injected into a test circuit and analyzed to confirm the device is operating properly.

Tektronix arbitrary waveform generators enable complex signal generation with simple, easy to use tools. The arbitrary waveform generator family provides leading-edge performance with sample rates up to 50 GS/s, up to 4 channels and software packages that simplify the creation of these complex signals.

The unparalleled flexibility, speed, and fidelity of the Tektronix arbitrary waveform generators make them an ideal solution for high speed serial, optical communications, radar test, and electronic warfare.

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