Power Supply Measurement and Analysis

Power Measurement and Analysis Solutions for Fast, Accurate Results

Today’s efficient power converters demand less input power per watt of output, but they also demand more in terms of power supply measurements. You’ve come to the right place to learn about:

  • Ripple measurement and noise analysis
  • Power factor and harmonics measurements for IEC61000-3-2 pre-compliance
  • Testing to Level VI efficiency standards
  • Standby power testing to IEC62301 Ed.2
  • GaN and SiC FET and diode characterization
  • MOSFET switching loss and safe operating area analysis
  • In-circuit inductor and transformer loss measurements


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Measuring Wireless Power Charging Systems for Portable Electronics

Learn how to observe power transfer signals and communications signals on a Qi wireless power charging system using a mixed domain oscilloscope.

Verifying Power Supply Sequencing with an 8-Channel Oscilloscope

You’ll learn the basics of checking the power-on and power-off sequence of an AC-DC power supply, how to look at a bulk supply and various point of load regulators, and how an oscilloscope with more than 4 channels can expedite the process.

Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Case Study

Panasonic turns to IsoVu Technology to shorten development time for new GaN device.

Isolation Addresses Common Sources of Differential Measurement Error

Technical brief that examines sources of measurement error and how the IsoVu measurement system can overcome these limitations.

Testing a New Switch Mode Power Supply Design Poster

This poster gives an overview of key measurements on a new switch mode power supply (SMPS) design, from initial startup, to optimizing switching and magnetic losses, to validating overall performance  and getting ready for regulatory compliance.

Measuring Vgs on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

This application note focuses on accurate high-side VGS measurements on ungrounded FETs using the IsoVu measurement system. 

IsoVu Technology White Paper

Learn how IsoVuTM Isolated Measurement Systems use a unique form of optical isolatoin to deliver bandwidth up to 1 GHz, extraordinary common mode rejection ratio of 120 dB at 100 MHz, and now differential voltage range up to 1000 V.

Active Power Factor Correction Verification Measurements

Learn techniques for measuring the effectiveness of a power factor correction circuit, both in terms of power factor improvement and reduction of current harmonics, using an oscilloscope.

Performing Safe Operating Area Analysis on MOSFETs and Other Switching Devices with an Oscilloscope

A safe operating area (SOA) plot represents maximum voltage, current, and power values for a MOSFET or other switching device.  Learn how to take measurements to compare in-circuit operating parameters to the SOA in component datasheets.

11 Power Consumption Measurement Techniques

This e-guide describes the top 11 power management challenges that you can face when designing, validating, or testing your IoT device and offers some tips on how to simplify the process and ultimately enable the success of your IoT device. 


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Power Probing Techniques and Tips
Power Probing Techniques and Tips
How to Design Longer Battery Life in Mobile Computing Devices

This Tektronix Webinar discusses current monitoring over time to assess a semiconductor system's power performance with an emphasis on higher accuracy. In this 35 minute instructional webinar, engineers can learn how to validate a semiconductor's ability to preserve as much battery life as possible when placed in mobile computing devices.

Additional product info: 2400 Series SMU's  and  2300 Series DC Power Supplies



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