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Probe Tip Adapters & Grounds:

Models Probe System
P6130/31/33/34/35/36, P6230/31 2.5 mm (Subminiature) Probe System
P6053C, P6133 Opt. 25, P6134C/135A, P6136 Opt. 25
P6137/38/38A/39A, P6339A, P6156/58, P5050
3.5 mm (Compact) Probe System
P3010, P61XX/A Family, P61XXB Family, P612X Family
P6048/53/53B/55/56/57/62B/63B, P6202A with Adapter
P6203/04/05/06, P2220
5 mm (Miniature) Probe System
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