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With Tektronix 4K ready solutions you can be assured of a fast, smooth and seamless transition from HD to 4K with minimal interruption to your workflow or deadlines.

We’ll keep you on track to deliver outstanding customer experience and quality content that meets regulatory compliance.


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4K Ready. Set. Go! Delivering 4K Ultra-HD Television Using H.265/HEVC

Delivering 4K/UHD Television using H.264/ HVC will empower you with all of the specifications and information you need to ensure a simple, smooth and seamless transition from HD to 4K to deliver superior content quality that meets regulatory compliance.

Time Saving Tips on Color Grading your 4K Content Tutorial

Color Grading 4K/UHD content is a critical step toward meeting your clients' growing expectations of content quality.

With this short, easy to understand tutorial from Tektronix, you will learn simple ways to:

1.       Perform primary color grading with simple to use tools

2.       Perform quick adjustments to color correct your content

You will also learn how to use the tools adopted by major production studios and post production houses around the world for their 4K workflow.

Get started now on learning how to effectively perform color grading of 4K content with this guide!


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