Solutions for Emerging OIF-CEI and IEEE PAM4 Standards

As network bandwidth needs continue to rise, PAM4 (4 level pulse amplitude modulation) is emerging as a key enabler to meet this need. With 2 bits per symbol, 4 symbol levels, and 3 eye diagrams per UI, PAM4 presents many new measurement and testing challenges.

Tektronix, at the leading edge of signal fidelity, works in collaboration with datacom engineers and standards organizations to help pioneer the measurement techniques needed to perform PAM4 Tx and Rx characterization up to 112Gbps/56Gbaud for emerging OIF-CEI and IEEE PAM4 standards.


PAM4 Analysis Software Datasheet (DPO / MSO70000 Series RT Scope)

PAM4 Analysis Software Datasheet (DSA8300 Sampling Scope)


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