Data is an integral part of our daily lives. Not just for us as engineers, but for everyone. Demand for processing power, bandwidth, and storage capacity continue to grow geometrically, with new imperatives around power efficiency, security and density.

Next generation standards, with faster bit rates and innovative low-voltage signaling, drive us to stay one step ahead of tighter margins and more complex bus protocols. Digital power management is pervading the industry from end to end.

Our oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and signal sources are widely valued for general circuit debugging and validation. We work in parallel with standards development to build solutions based on our oscilloscopes, BERTs, and arbitrary waveform generators to enable automated compliance and validation testing of high-speed serial buses. And our power measurement solutions can help you analyze even the most dynamic power management systems.

Computer & Peripherals

Recommended Equipment

  • Oscilloscopes: 8 out of 10 engineers around the world trust our scopes to help them debug and test tomorrow's designs faster.
  • Logic Analyzers: Ideal for pinpointing protocol or logic layer system issues quickly
  • Signal Generators: World's fastest and most versatile signal generators for today's complex signals