Solutions for creating and delivering in 4K Ultra HD (UHD)

With Tektronix 4K ready solutions you can be assured of a fast, smooth and seamless transition from HD to 4K with minimal interruption to your workflow or deadlines.

We’ll keep you on track to deliver outstanding customer experience and quality content that meets regulatory compliance.


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Recommended Equipment

4K/UHD Waveform Monitors

The WFM / WVR 8200 is the trusted tool in leading production and post production facilities for color grading, color correction, and quality control (QC) of 4K content. Its comprehensive suite of features and capabilities helps optimize video and audio content quality, improve workflow efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

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SentrySentry helps video service providers ensure the quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS) of premium 4K content by providing real-time monitoring of H.265 streams down to the elementary stream level checking for block, slice and syntax errors that can result in blocky video and audio problems for the customer. In addition, Sentry with Perceptual Video Quality (PVQ) checks the H.265 streams for over-compression artifacts that can result in soft, washed-out pictures.

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Aurora allows video service providers to perform fast and reliable automated quality assurance on file-based media from SD up to 4K/UHD resolution, with robust media asset management (MAM) integration support. Aurora’s companion, Hydra media player, offers frame-accurate manual review of 4K content to quickly and easily pinpoint quality problems.

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Cable TroubleshootingThe MTS4000 is a multilayered transport stream analyzer that can test and monitor your 4K/UHD transport layer as well as the RF and IP layer for compliance, efficiency and stability. The MTS4000 also gives you the tools to easily determine the root cause of issues that will impact a customer’s quality of experience (QoE).

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Tek-pqa600a_01a_hThe Tektronix’ PQA600B picture quality analyzer applies industry recognized objective testing methodologies based on Human Vision System Modeling to allow you to optimize your encoder/transcoder to deliver the expected high 4K/UHD QoE scores that are accurate and repeatable. It allows video service providers to know with certainty how various encoder/transcoder configurations and adjustments impact the QoE of 4K/UHD content.

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